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Trilobite Flexicalymene ouzregui-0

Trilobite Flexicalymene ouzregui


Trilobite Flexicalymene ouzregui

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This is a rarer double trilobite specimen. Each of the fossils is a Flexicalymene. Interestingly, in each half one trilobite has a redish oxide hue while in the same half the second trilobite is blacker and has yellow and white areas. This is reflected in the other half of the fossil. Although the Flexicalymene is common, it is much rarer to find in positive and negative form. With this type of fossil there are professional restorations as this trilobite is entombed in a fragile matrix. Both the imprint and the creature itself are known as fossils.

NOTE: Moroccan trilobites are some of the world’s most famous fossils, however, unfortunately some of the most faked fossils. We only sell REAL trilobites.

Dimensions of matrix: 100mm length, 70mm wide, 60mm deep.

Genus: Flexicalymene ouzregui

Age: Middle Ordovician 450 Million years

Matrix: Mudstone

Location: Jebel Tiskaouine, Maider Reg, Morocco

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