The Living Fossil Gallery

Terms and Conditions

The Living Fossil Gallery wants to provide flexibility with its clients in regards to purchases made by our clients. In order to offer this service  there are some important terms and conditions that provide flexibility for our clients, and protection for ourselves.

Terms and Conditions for Deposits and LayBy for Living Fossil.

Goods bought on Deposit or Lay By listed below and are subject to change.



1. All jewellery that is made to a customer’s design will require a 50% deposit before the work can begin.

2. Final payment confirms acceptance of the goods by the Customer.

3. All items that are made to a customer’s design and have not been fully paid within 12 calendar months shall become the property of Living Fossil, and the deposit is forfeited.


            Items that are not made to a customer’s design / Items other than jewellery

1. These items will require a 10% deposit, unless otherwise stated.

2. Unless otherwise stated the remainder should be paid within four calendar weeks of placing deposit.

3. In some instances a 20% deposit (or mutually agreed amount) will be requested dependent on purchased item.

4. Final payment for all deposits should be made within four calendar weeks unless otherwise stated.

5. All items remain the property of Living Fossil until fully paid.

6. Should an item not be paid within four weeks the initial deposit is forfeited.



Lay By:

1. All items are subject to a ten percent deposit, unless otherwise stated.

2. Additional payments can be made to the full purchase price subject to the discretion of Living Fossil and customer agreement at time of deposit.

3. Acceptance of the initial deposit confirms customer agreement to the Terms and Conditions of the sale.

4. A record of payments should be kept by the customer and, in the case of multiple purchased items, this should clearly show which items and how much has been paid for each item along with the date. This record should be updated and the customer should request that Living Fossil counter sign each transaction.

5. Most Lay By’s should be fully paid for within four weeks, unless otherwise requested by the customer and agreed by Living Fossil.

Any Lay By that is older than 3 months and has not been fully paid will remain the property of Living Fossil and the initial deposit will be forfeited.