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Trilobite Flexicalymene ouzregui-0

Trilobite Flexicalymene ouzregui


Trilobite Flexicalymene ouzregui

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This is a fantastic example of a cluster of trilobites and fossil. Although common, the Tristani is rarely in the condition that these two specimens are in. Here, the rock opens into a lid and a base – three parts. On the top, the smaller compartment shows a pristine Tristani specimen with exquisite detail. The larger compartment opens to show a smaller perfect specimen and a gastropod also. Opening this really brings out the “wow” factor.

Dimensions of matrix: 120mm length, 90mm wide, 80mm deep.

Genus: Flexicalymene ouzregui

Age: Middle Ordovician 450 Million years

Matrix: Mudstone

Location: Jebel Tiskaouine, Maider Reg, Morocco

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