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Mammoth Tusk (Full Tusk)


Mammoth Tusk (Full Tusk)

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Mammoth Tusks are the world’s only legal ivory – and come from an extinct genus of Mammuthus – ancient cousins of today’s revered and magnificent Elephantidae family. Mammoth tusks are one of the most impressive visual fossils to see and the demand for them is huge. They can truly be thought of as investment fossils due to the infinite demand from what is a very finite supply. Because of their probable existence alongside neanderthals and modern humans, the link between us and this awe inspiring ice-age beast is palpable.

The tusk measures approximately 1400mm from tip to end in a straight line, and 1680mm along its beautiful “S Curve” shape.  

This tusk features that iconic S-Curve shape that develops into massive scoop like tusks in their later years. It is a full tusk section, not a partial piece – with its conical end fitting to the skull of the mammoth. The ivory has some iron staining which contrasts beautifully with the cream coloured ivory which is perhaps the most sought after colour.  Mammoth tusks in this condition and colour are rare, and are iconic examples of the Earth’s ancient megafauna. 

Species: Mammuthus Primigenius

Age: Holocene 15-25,000 years

Location: Siberian

Condition: Fine imperial grade mammoth ivory, no cracks or mastics

Weight: 9.61kg

Preservation: Polished and stabilised to prevent ivory cracking.

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