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Labradorite Carving Mountain goats-0

Labradorite Carving Mountain goats


Labradorite Carving Mountain goats

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This is an amazing carving. Every part of this artwork shows the skill of its maker. A high grade piece of labradorite has been chosen, and the angle of the carving has been accurately gauged so that the whole front and rear face of the stone shows its beautiful blue, yellow and green chatoyance. The carving itself is exquisite. There are three goats nimbly climbing the rock face. Every detail from the baby suckling, to the shaggy manes of each animal is highlighted. The carving is fully dimensional – is carved away from the rock, so that every angle from the front, side and reverse shows the artists mastery of the rock. The base has been carefully selected to match the theme of the piece, and complements its mountain scenery.

Dimensions: 30cm high x 26cm wide
Matrix: blue and green labradorite

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