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Mammoth Ivory Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife-0

Mammoth Ivory Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife


Mammoth Ivory Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife

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Inlaid with Mammoth Ivory adds an exotic touch to this handmade knife which features one of the most famous and finest finest cutting materials available – Damascus steel. Every component is handmade, every material used is exotic and irreplaceable. Using ancient techniques and modern flair, these carbon steel blades are not only artworks but professional shave-sharp knives also.

This beautiful kitchen knife features:

Steel: 47 Layer Damascus hand forged, 1075 high carbon steel with 15n20 nickel
Bolster: Nickel Silver
Spacers: Mammoth Ivory, 5 million year old podocarp, black micarta, nickel silver
Handle: Stabilised ancient red gum (5000-10000years)

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