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Ammonite Pendant X grade - Triangle-0

Ammonite Pendant X grade – Triangle


Ammonite Pendant X grade

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This beautiful pendant has our X grade status – it has features over and above our high grade pendants. It is double sided with the fossil ammonite polished out on both sides of the triangular form. This striking ammonite covers most of the pendant surface and the spiral chambers are clear and defined. 


Note: Unlike most suppliers of this type of pendant – the pendant you see is the one that will be shipped. No two ammonite pendants are the same, and our X grade pieces are specifically chosen to be free of any fissures, restorations and rocks glues, or cracks. These are common in this type pendant and fossil matrix.

Dimensions: 42mm
Genus: Gastrioceras 
Age: Devonian +350,000,000 years
Locality: Morocco 

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