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Amethyst Cluster


Amethyst Cluster

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This is a huge Uruguayan amethyst cluster. At 60cm in height, the amethyst is appropriate for a corner setting and comes with its own black metal stand which suspends the whole piece beautifully. This is the world’s best amethyst. With dark pure points, the geodised inner secton is deep and broad, and there is a perfect stalagtite formation running diagonally across the centre with the most delightful calcite crystal at its centre. As if this piece couldn’t get more stunning, this beautiful yellow calcite point is a further understatement of Nature’s power to create objects of incredible power and beauty. The natural basalt matrix edge has been polished and shows a beautiful rich agate running the entirety of each closed face of amethyst. The backing of this piece is the original basalt.

Type: Uruguayan Amethyst Cluster with calcite point

Location: Uruguay

Dimensions: Height: 60cm Height: 30cm Width, With Stand Height is 67cm

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Weight 25.4 kg