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Super Large Ammonite Cleoniceras Halves-0

Super Large Ammonite Cleoniceras Halves


Super Large Ammonite Cleoniceras Halves

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This pair of ammonites are the largest halves the gallery has displayed to date. At this size they extremely rare. The sheer scale and drama of this piece screams antiquity. The open chambers are large and craggy – with strong crystal growth in each.

There is superb variation of colour from blazing orange to grey and white in the limestone and crystal. This would look fantastic in a modern beach house or as a modern re-statement of a classical shape in an office or showroom environment.

Dimensions: 430mm diameter.

Family: Hoplitidae

Species: Unidentified

Matrix: Calcite Crystal

Weight: 16.7kg Kg

Age: Albian Stage, cretaceous 113 Million years old

Location: Mahajanga, Madagascar

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