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Quartz Azurite Malachite Cluster-0

Quartz Azurite Malachite Cluster


Quartz Azurite Malachite Cluster

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This beautiful and highly unusual cluster is made of 4 elements all working in harmony. The whole specimen is balanced by a ying yang explosion of tone and colour – on one side, clear quartz points radiate out, while equally spread on the other side, the quartz has been replaced by hematite iron. Sprinkled in these primary colours are the deep azure blue from pure azurite and verdant green of malachite crystal. On the reverse side, this gorgeous piece is a whole new picture – deeply coloured azurite and malachite cyrstals are evenly spread. This is Nature at her best.

Type: Quartz / Azurite / Malachite Cluster

Location: Midelt, Morocco

Dimensions: 32cm x 28cm

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