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Fire Ammonite - Puzosia odiensis - Museum Grade-0

Fire Ammonite – Puzosia odiensis – Museum Grade


Fire Ammonite – Puzosia odiensis – Museum Grade

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A much rarer form of fire ammonite is from the Puzosia genus. These sought after ammonites display a fire like nacre, and often compare to Canada’s iridescent ammonites. This large size ammonite is free of restoration and displays a brilliant green to red and yellow fiery nacre – on BOTH its faces. Whilst fire ammonites are not uncommon, specimens with this degree of flash are in fact extremely hard to come by.

Note: These photos are not colour enhanced and noise reduced – as most web specimens are. The colour for this specimen is actually better with the eye, than with the camera.

Dimensions: 185mm at its widest point
Genus: Puzosia odiensis
Age: Cretaceous, 113 million years old.
Matrix: Limestone & Calcite crystal, iridescent nacre
Location: Tulear, Madagascar

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