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Fossil Oval Platter Medium-0

Fossil Oval Platter Medium


Fossil Marble, Fossil Bowl, Orthoceras Fossil marble

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This fantastic platter is made of a solid piece of fossil stone and includes some amazing colours and fossils. Like a distant galaxy surrounded by coloured gasses, the platter contains clear and large ammonite and cone shape orthoceras fossil. Polished on both sides, many of these large fossils go all the way through to the reverse of the platter.

Unlike much material from this area, this piece has been hand polished to a high shine WITHOUT a varnish finish.

Dimensions: 320mm wide, 220mm wide 

Genus: Orthoceras, Goniatite
Goniatite Age: Silurian 380-420,000,000 years
Matrix: Fossil Limestone, natural polish
Location: Er-Rachidia desert Region, Morocco

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