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Ammonite Speetoniceras-0

Ammonite Speetoniceras


Ammonite Speetoniceras

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This striking Speetoniceras Ammonite from Russia is highly sought after and is getting hard to source. At this size and quality it is even rarer! This would appeal on so many planes – not just its striking beauty. The Volga river is rich in the oxides of iron and the fossilisation process creates these highly pyritised species . The presence of aragonite and gold and silver pyrite creates a spectacular collector’s specimen. The pyrite takes on many forms – from the flat silver gold surfaces to the glittering tiny drusy pyrite crystals of the chambers. The outside of these cut halves again show the gleam of pyrite along with the petrified black chocolate matrix of this region.  This is a very large, rare much sought after ammonite which is spectacularly beautiful. The ammonite is cut in half to show the beauty of the chambers and is sold as a pair.

Dimensions: 295mm 

Genus: Speetoniceras 
Age: Hauterivian, Cretaceous 130 – 136 million years

Weight: 7 Kg

Locality: Volga river, Russia 


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