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Agatised Coral-0

Agatised Coral


Agatised Coral

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This highly unusual formation is the result of coral slowly turning into agate over millions of years. However, the coral structures still remain and the coral’s once vibrant colours have been re-ignited with clear coloured crystal agate. Quite translucent, it would be a wonderful display piece with a little light exposure at the back too. Florida Agatised coral is 20 to 30 million years old. The original structure of the coral has been replaced over time by micro-crystals of quartz. While the living coral resided in the Atlantic ocean all those millions of years ago, the oceans retreated leaving these beautiful geodes of coral.

Fossil Type: Agatised Coral

Age: Miocene – 20 million years

Location: Florida, USA

Size: 250mm wide, 150mm high

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Weight 10 kg