Petrified Wood

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Petrified wood, The Living Fossil Gallery

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Petrified Wood


This large slab of petrified wood features superb colourisaiton with reds, ochres and yellows. Whilst much wood is petrified without much colour, this piece is set apart and more valuable for its beautiful array of coloured rings. From a grey/blue interior from the centre ring, it radiates out yellow into red and into mauve and purples on the outer rings. This slab also comes from a complete branch or trunk section - it is not a fragment, and the fossilised bark runs the entirety of the circumference. Not only beautiful, fossilised wood is extremely hard material, and therefore is actually also functional as a cheese board, or mini tabletop. Dimensions: 420mm widest point, 22mm thickness Treatments: Natural polish, no lacquer, polished both sides Age: Jurassic, approximately 180,000,000 Location: Chinchilla, QLD, Australia