Orthoceras Halves

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Orthoceras Halves

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Orthoceras Halves


This fossil is part of an extinct orthoceras which had a long, straight conical shell.  It shows the chambers of the straight shell of this creature which now have crystalline formations in them.  The fossil gives an indication of the location of the Siphuncle or pump like organ which ran the length of the shell.  The two halves are sold as a set. 

Note:  This is a far rarer way of seeing this otherwise common fossil, and a more accurate preparation.  Usually this fossil is polished away from the host - which only shows a one dimensional aspect.  This specimen presents the full 3 dimensional fossil, separated from its host matrix, and then cut in half to show its chambered structure.

Dimensions:   98mm High,   27mm Wide
Genus: Orthoceras
Age: Silurian 380-420 million years old
Location: Er-Rachidia, Morocco