Mosasaur Rooted Teeth In Phosphate Matrix

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Mosasaur Rooted Tooth In Phosphate Matrix

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Mosasaur Rooted Teeth In Phosphate Matrix


These specimen teeth are not a composite fossil  -  they occurred naturally together and contain the mosasaur's original root structure.  There are also some small bone, and tooth fragments in the phosphate matrix. The teeth are of large size with a professional repair in the back tooth section above the enamel line on the smaller tooth.

NOTE: Mosasaur teeth with real root structure are far more difficult to source than their composite cousins.   We take pride in sourcing teeth that are natural with no reconstruction.   If this is not the case, we make it very clear in our description

Matrix Dimensions:  153mm x 108mm

Teeth Dimensions: 145mm x 52mm (with root)   and  103mm x 43mm (with root)

Age: Cretaceous 65 - 72 Million years

Genus: Liodon ancepsi

Location: Khouribga Province, Chaouia-Ouardigha region, Morocco.