Mosasaur Rooted Tooth In Bone Matrix

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Mosasaur Rooted Tooth In Bone Matrix

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Mosasaur Rooted Tooth In Bone Matrix


This spectacular specimen tooth is no composite fossil - it is naturally one piece and contains the mosasaur's original root structure.  There are multiple bone, vertebrae and tooth fragments in the phosphate matrix. The tooth is of gaint size with excellent enamel with a hairline fracture in the top of the tooth. The tooth is very stable. 

NOTE: Mosasaur teeth with real root structure are far more difficult to source than their composite cousins. Teeth are sold as either of the following from common to rare:

a. Glued onto bone not belonging to a mosasaur

b. Restored on the original root via colouring matching glues - professionally done

c. Original bone root and tooth not glued together

We ALWAYS differentiate and make this observation clear in our descriptions.

Matrix Dimensions:  210mm x 150mm

Tooth Dimensions: 125mm x 50mm (with root)

Age: Cretaceous 65 - 72 Million years

Genus: Liodon Anceps

Location: Khouribga Province, Chaouia-Ouardigha region, Morocco.