Mosasaur Rooted Tooth In Bone Matrix

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Mosasaur Rooted Tooth In Bone Matrix

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Mosasaur Rooted Tooth In Bone Matrix


This beautiful specimen tooth is no composite fossil - it is naturally one piece and contains the mosasaur's original root structure. The tooth is of good size with excellent enamel with a hairline fracture and crack in the enamel. The tooth is very stable. 

NOTE: Mosasaur teeth with real root structure are far more difficult to source than their composite cousins. Teeth are sold as either of the following from common to rare:

a. Glued onto bone not belonging to a mosasaur

b. Restored on the original root via colouring matching glues - professionally done

c. Original bone root and tooth not glued together

We ALWAYS differentiate and make this observation clear in our descriptions.

Matrix Dimensions:  150mm x 120mm

Tooth Dimensions: 110mm x 25mm (with root)

Age: Cretaceous 65 - 72 Million years

Genus: Liodon Anceps

Location: Khouribga Province, Chaouia-Ouardigha region, Morocco.