Mosasaur Tooth - Liodon Anceps Rooted

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Mosasaur Liodon Anceps

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Mosasaur Tooth - Liodon Anceps Rooted


This superb tooth is preserved with the ORIGINAL root structure  and is in wonderful condition. The enamel is in good condition with small wear on tip and small amount of peel on one side, while the original bone root stretches another 3 inches past through the matrix. 

NOTE: Mosasaur teeth with root structure are far more difficult to source than their composite cousins. MOST teeth are glued to a root structure or bone belonging to a completely different animal (recent or ancient). We ALWAYS differentiate and make this observation clear in our descriptions.

Dimensions: Tooth with root is 140mm, matrix is 120mm x 80mm

Age: Cretaceous 65 - 72 Million years

Genus: Liodon Anceps

Location: Khouribga Province, Chaouia-Ouardigha region, Morocco.