Mixed Teeth In Bone Matrix

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Mixed Teeth In Bone Matrix

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Mixed Teeth In Bone Matrix


This amazing cluster is dense with fossilised remnants of ancient predators. There are three teeth types apparent and a clear jaw section with teeth, in the phosphate matrix. There is a small hairline fracture in the tip of the smaller mosasaur tooth; it is still very stable.

NOTE: This is not an artificially created matrix as can be the case with material like this. This is a naturally formed fossil rich matrix.

Matrix Dimensions:  110mm x 80mm

Mosasaur Tooth Genus: Beaugai, Dimensions: 45mm x 20mm & 25mm x 15mm

Shark Tooth Genus: Corax Kaupi, Dimensions: 23mm x 18mm

Jaw section: Unidentified species, dimensions: 20mm length

Age: Cretaceous 65 - 72 Million years

Location: Khouribga Province, Chaouia-Ouardigha region, Morocco.