Meteorite Pendant

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Meteorite Pendant in silver

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Meteorite Pendant


This beautiful silver pendant features a solid sphere of meteorite set into a planatary rings-within-rings design. These rings revolve around the sphere which also spins giving constant movement to this fantastic piece. Lying flat, the design becomes a series of concentric Saturn-like rings with the meteorite sphere at the centre. The whole piece has been rhodium plated to keep the silver and the meteorite tarnish free.

Meteorite Type: Muonionalusta. Octahedrite type IVA.

Age: 4,500,000,000 years

Fell: 800,000,000 years ago. Northern Scandinavia

Discovered: 1906

Metal: Solid Silver Rhodium plated to stay bright

Size: Height is 37mm (including bail) width is 27mm, meteorite sphere is 8mm