Meteorite Pendant Amethyst / Citrine / Moldovite

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Meteorite Pendant in silver

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Meteorite Pendant Amethyst / Citrine / Moldovite


This beautifully crafted pendant features a solid sphere of meteorite. Intricately designed, the sphere is completely detachable from its silver cage. There is a bright amethyst highlight at the bottom and at the top of the silver cage. It displays a classic widmanstatten pattern. The whole piece has been rhodium plated to keep the silver and the meteorite tarnish free. We have this piece in Amethyst, Citrine and Moldovite variations. Please advise on the order which you would like

Meteorite Type: Muonionalusta. Octahedrite type IVA.


Fell: 800,000,000 northern Scandinavia

Discovered: 1906 

Metal: Solid Silver Rhodium plated to stay bright

Size: 35mm (including bail)

Highlight: Amethyst, Amethyst, Citrine and Moldovite (.25ct x2)