Mammoth Ivory Pendant

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Mammoth Ivory Pendant

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Mammoth Ivory Pendant


This beautiful pendant features a striking owl carved in deep relief. The artist has captured the fearless stare of this powerful predator wonderfully. This striking gaze looks out beneath deeply feathered brow ridges and sweeps back into its ears. The ivory is a wonderful creamy matrix with hints of green/blue coming through the reverse. The back solid silver scroll work is patterned and of high quality hand made construction. The bail is hinged. This is a one-off both in terms of the unique ivory colour and in the skill of the individual carving. 

Fossil: Mammoth Ivory Mammuthus primagenius

Age: Pleistocene approximately 12,000 - 25,000 years

Location: Siberia

Metal: Solid 925 Silver

Size: 38mm high x 26mm wide (including bail)