Mammoth Ivory Pendant

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Mammoth Ivory Pendant

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Mammoth Ivory Pendant


This stunning pendant is made of the the most sought after type - Imperial Ivory. It still retains its white creamy colour. Within this pendant are the opposing profiles of an eagle and dragon. Below a woman's profile is beautifully positioned entwined within the dragon's coiled tail. This piece has wonderful symmetry - the eagle faces right, the dragon right and back to the right for the face. Pulling these 3 elements together are the feathers merging into scales and merging again into hair. Completing the harmony of these elements is the dragon's tail which coils around the base of the pendant and the face of the woman and touches the its taloned wing. The bail is hinged. This is a one-off both in terms of the unique ivory colour and in the skill of the individual carving. 

Fossil: Mammoth Ivory Mammuthus primagenius

Age: Pleistocene approximately 12,000 - 25,000 years

Location: Siberia

Metal: Solid 925 Silver

Size: 80mm high x 30mm wide (including bail)