Mammoth Ivory Pendant

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Mammoth Ivory Pendant

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Mammoth Ivory Pendant


This american eagle shows what it's famous for - defiance, nobility, fierceness and fearlessness.  Amazingly detailed, from the arches above its eye, to each feather carved in relief. A large feather sweeps across the pendant and picks up on the slight green colour in the ivory towards the top of the piece. The mammoth ivory is a beautiful creamy woody colour. The back solid silver scroll work is patterned and of high quality hand made construction. The bail is hinged. This is a one-off both in terms of the unique ivory colour and in the skill of the individual carving. 

Fossil: Mammoth Ivory Mammuthus primagenius

Age: Pleistocene approximately 12,000 - 25,000 years

Location: Siberia

Metal: Solid 925 Silver

Size: 58mm high x 34mm wide (including bail)