Mammoth Ivory Wing Earrings

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Mammoth Ivory Wing Earrings

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Mammoth Ivory Wing Earrings


The task - Carve a birds feather realistically. 

The Medium: Siberian Mammoth Ivory, 15,000 - 25,000 years old

The Result - Feathers so beautifully carved that it's hard to believe they are hand done. Yet, a lifetime of carving shows in each piece, as does the human need to communicate through art of all forms. Neanderthals did so and included mammoth ivory for many uses including jewellery, tools and shelter.  We carry on this tradition and have used wing and feather designs to bring on the Summer.

We select high quality mannoth ivory fragments for this work, and then set them in silver.

Fossil: Mammoth Ivory Mammuthus primagenius

Age: Pleistocene approximately 15,000 - 25,000 years

Location: Siberia

Metal: Solid 925 Silver

Size: Earrings is Approximately 3cm in height - small variations can occur as they are each hand made.

NOTE: A matching stunning pendant can be supplied with these earrings and are sold and listed separately.