Large Polished Amethyst Geode

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Large Polished Amethyst Geode

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Large Polished Amethyst Geode


This is a large Brazilian polished amethyst geode. At 40cm in width, this polished amethyst is appropriate as a statement in a home foyer or office. The amethyst is of a high quality with a riot of pure, soft lilac points within the geode. What sets this piece apart is that the whole outer surface has been polished and reveals a stunning soft tones of semi translucent tones of pink and lilac. On every plane, this is a stunning piece.  This would make a fabulous design piece - perhaps complimented with flowers - and be a thoughtful introduction for a modern environment. 

Type: Brazilian Amethyst Polished Geode


Dimensions: Width: 40cm, Height: 23cm, Depth: 24cm