Labradorite Free Form

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Labradorite Free Form

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Labradorite Free Form


An amazing piece of Labradorite that has been cleverly shaped into a very versatile sculptured form. It has several surfaces which can be used as a "base" so it can stand in a variety of positions to catch the best light to show off its glory. The polish and polarisation on this piece is excellent - not only do the colours glow and shimmer, the piece has a wonderful feel when you touch it. The blue colouring is very intense and, in keeping with the sculptured shape of the rock, the patterns of colour seem to be in a sculptured form too. A wonderful specimen, one that you are just tempted to pick up and hold in your hands and admire and watch the play of light bring the colours to life. This piece would always bring the enjoyment and contentment that only such a fine quality natural rock could bring.  Its colours are truly spectacular.   

Dimensions: 145mm high, 105mm wide

Matrix: Labradorite

Location: Madagascar