Labradorite Free Form

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Labradorite Free Form

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Labradorite Free Form


A stunning free form chunk of labradorite that has been polished and polarised so it shimmers in the rarer colours of blue and aquamarine when set on its base.  It also has a golden glow so it resembles a glorious sunrise with spectacular shafts of light contrasting with the blue..  Sparkling in the background are patches of iridescent red.  The darker markings on the rock make an illusion of depth and a 3D effect.  There are patches of such an intense, radiant  blue that  it seems as if you are looking right into the depths of the rock as if the surface wasn't smooth, but had blue sunlit caves in it.  There isn't really a front and reverse to this rock.  Both surfaces have an amazing appeal.   

Dimensions: 135mm high, 114mm wide

Matrix: Labradorite

Location: Madagascar