• Gemstone Bracelets

    Gemstone Bracelets

    Natural Beautiful Gemstones. High quality, and stone cuts that are extremely rare. Peruse the beautiful pieces and see the exquisite quality of each stone and setting.
  • Meteorite Jewellery

    Meteorite Jewellery

    Wear something truly out of this world, with our range of meteorite jewellery pieces. All our pieces are either hand made by or designed by us, or personally sourced for their beauty and interest.
  • Fossil Jewellery

    Fossil Jewellery

    Choose from our unique and eye-catching fossil jewellery range. The Living Fossil hand makes, designs or carefully selects our jewellery from artisans who hand make their products. Each of these is a one-of-a-kind piece, and each comes with an incredible story.