Suiseki Stone - Man in the Moon

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Suiseki Stone - Man in the Moon

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Suiseki Stone - Man in the Moon


Over a thousand years ago Suiseki Stones were presented by Chinese Scholars to the Japanese Empress as gifts. A Suiseki stone is a totally natural rock formation resembling either mountains, human dwellings, waterfalls and other pictures.

The art of Suiseki is for the observer to interpret the picture presented. Poems and names are sometimes then attributed to the rocks.

This beautiful onyx has a fusion of colours including lime green, browns, yellow and reds. It is reminiscent of The Man in the Moon. A perfect circle (圆) is almost impossible to produce by unaided human hands, and is why the shape is valued so much. In Chinese culture, the circle stands for “fulfilled”, “oneness”, “perfection”, “unity”. More specifically, it’s the process of something coming full circle that bears the most importance.

Dimensions: 35cm wide (excluding stand)