• Ammonites


    Ammonites are perhaps the strongest designs ever made by Nature. Not many fossils can boast a span from 400,000,000 to 65,000,000 years!!! Ammonites are extinct molluscs that are found all over the world. They have a myriad of forms and are perhaps the most well known form of fossil. Their geometry, their spiral, the perfection, simplicity and complexity of their shapes makes them not only beautiful objects of natural art, but major talking points and provide echoes of the Earth's ocean past.
  • Fish


    Fish are iconic fossils and can provide breathtaking clarity and dramatic effect in interior design. Although fish are the most prolific of animals on the planet, their fossils are rarer than most because of their underwater habitat. We stock a large range of fossils from photo-clear wyoming shales, to the rarer three dimensional forms.
  • Fossil Wood

    Fossil Wood

    Fossilised wood like modern timber can be breathtakingly beautiful and thought provoking. Some of the best wood we stock is over 200,000,000 years old and shows fantastic colour and pattern. Fossil wood can be presented both as an artwork yet also with function. Fossil wood can be harder than granite. We source for all purposes including corporate tables, tabletops, platters, bookends or pieces for wall hanging.
  • Crinoids


    The ancient world of crinoids comes alive with these stunning examples from around the world. Crinoids of the Permian and Devonian look like beings from out of this world, and indeed that ancient era was vastly different to today's aquatic environment. Crinoids plaques make dramatic objets d'art and the intricacy of their fossils is astounding.
  • Other Rare Fossils

    Other Rare Fossils

    Pieces like Mammoth tusks and dinosauria, are in this category. These are typically one-off pieces.
  • Trilobites


    One of the most successful of all animals was the Trilobites. We specialise in Australian and Moroccan Trilobites. These famous arthropods roamed the oceans from the dawn of animal life - The Cambrian - to the end of the Permian 251 million years ago. There are more than 40,000 known species, making them some of the most collectible fossils in the world. Because trilobites display the most amazing innovations both from an evolutionary view and from an artistic view - they draw fascination and wonderment from all who view.
  • Fossils under $50

    Fossils under $50

    Here you will find a good selection of quality fossils for both kids and collectors for under $50.
  • Fossil Teeth

    Fossil Teeth

    From the iconic mega toothed shark megalodon, to mammoth, mosasaurus and spinosaurus - teeth from these awesome predators are humbling to hold and view. In their own right and displayed appropriately, teeth from these mega toothed predators and herbivores become fabulous talking points of the prehistoric world of and the environment they lived in.