Boat Bowl Medium

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Fossil Marble, Fossil Bowl, Orthoceras Fossil marble

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Boat Bowl Medium


This beautiful and very functional bowl has been carved from a single piece of quality black fossil marble. The artisans have kept the detail of a fantastic orthoceras specimen in the middle of the bowl and carved out either side to form a two part bowl. boat shaped, it would be great for separating all kinds of complementary things. It would also add a wonderful talking point on any table or living area.

Unlike much material from this area, this piece has been hand polished to a high shine WITHOUT a varnish finish.

Dimensions: 240mm long, 140mm wide
Genus: Orthoceras
Age: Silurian 380-420,000,000 years
Matrix: Black Fossil Limestone, natural polish
Location: Er-Rachidia desert Region, Morocco