Ammonite Round Bowl Small

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Fossil Marble, Fossil Bowl, Ammonite Fossil marble

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Ammonite Round Bowl Small


This interesting and functional bowl has been carved from orthoceras bearing stone.  It has easily recognisable fossil detail on both sides. The centre of the bowl features a beautiful ammonite raised in relief.  The colours in the rock are mostly tones of brown, but there are patches of burgundy.  This piece would make a handy and useful display or ornament.

Unlike much material from this area, this piece has been hand polished to a high shine WITHOUT a varnish finish.

Dimensions: 115mm wide
Genus: Orthoceras, Goniatite
Age: Silurian 380-420,000,000 years
Matrix: Fossil Limestone, natural polish
Location: Er-Rachidia desert Region, Morocco