Ammonite Round Bowl Small

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Fossil Marble, Fossil Bowl, Ammonite Fossil marble

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Ammonite Round Bowl Small


This eyecatching and interesting bowl has been carved from orthoceras bearing stone.  Absolutely packed with superb fossil detail on both sides. The centre of the bowl features a beautiful ammonite in contrasting colours raised in relief. Coming through to the reverse are multiple orthoceras fossils.  A special feature of this bowl is its fabulous colours.  The colours range from a rich burgundy red to a surprising, wonderful yellow ochre.  This piece is attractive, interesting and functional.

Unlike much material from this area, this piece has been hand polished to a high shine WITHOUT a varnish finish.

Dimensions: 110mm wide
Genus: Orthoceras, Goniatite
Age: Silurian 380-420,000,000 years
Matrix: Fossil Limestone, natural polish
Location: Er-Rachidia desert Region, Morocco