Fossil Stone

  • Fossil Sculpture

    Fossil Sculpture

    These beautiful sculptures are made of Devonian fossilised limestone and feature some huge ammonite and orthoceras specimens.
  • Fossil Stoneware

    Fossil Stoneware

    The Living Fossil Gallery specialises in fossil stoneware also known as fossil marble. These incredible pieces are made of solid 400,000,000 year old rock and include some fantastically preserved and detailed nautiloid and ammonoid fossils. These plates, platters, bowls and ornaments make not only for functional pieces, but highly decorative talking points in any setting. The Living Fossil Gallery also stocks slabs for tables and coffee tables, and can make to order.

    ALL pieces here are the exact ones that are shipped. 

    We also emphasise that all of our stock is naturally polished - we do not varnish our stock (common in fossil marble industry)

  • Fossil Marble Tables

    Fossil Marble Tables

    Create a conversation with these beautiful and unique objects of beauty. 400,000,000 years old - these are pictures in rock, or rock and of earth.