Fossil Marble Table

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Fossil Marble Table

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Fossil Marble Table


Of all the different colours of fossilised rock from Morocco, the crimson red is the rarest. This superb fossil marble table is simply breathtaking. A rich matrix of crimson and red contrasts against the beautiful white ammonite and nautiloid fossils within. 

NOTE: All our fossil marble tables come from boulder cuts we personally choose directly from fossil mines. These large pieces are then cut into slabs. We then personally choose which sections of material to use. The result is a finished fossil marble table that has the biggest fossil and the most balanced spread of fossils over its surface. Being able to cherry-pick our our fossil marble pieces means we control the quality and look of the final piece. 

Dimensions: 99cm wide, 80cm wide, 20mm thickness

Fossil: Ammonites & Coned Nautilus (Goniatite and Orthoceras Species) 

Matrix: Dense Limestone

Age: Devonian +380,000,000 years

Origin: Er Rachidia, Morocco