• Agates


    Found in many countries, agates come in a huge variety of colours and forms. Made of mostly quartz, the distinguishing feature of agate is the flowing and sometimes complex lines that form around the circumference of the piece. Many agates are translucent, and in allowing light to pass through them and enhance there colours and form, they can add a beautiful, soothing and harmonising presence in any room setting.
  • Citrine


    Natural citrine is the rarest of the big 4 main quartz groups that include amethyst, smoky quartz and clear quartz. Much available material is actually heat treated amethyst. Natural citrine is far rarer, and can range in colour from champagne to deep amber gold.
  • Quartz


    The Quartz Family includes big four: Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst and natural Citrine. Here you will find everything from spheres to generators, clusters to points. We stock both large and small, strong and delicate from all over the world including perhaps the most renowned clear quartz from Minas Gerais Brazil. These crystals can add a wonderful ambience to an interior space, whilst the wonder they cause make them obvious talking points for any room setting.
  • Assorted Crystals

    Assorted Crystals

    Here you will find crystals such as labradorite, pyrite, selenite, calcite and fluorite.
  • Crystals Under $50

    Crystals Under $50

    We stock a variety of crystals that are affordable and beautiful from $10-$50
  • Spheres


    Spheres have a fascination for all people. Plato thought the circle exists as a changeless object in the world of Forms or Ideas. Spheres are ethereal objects of art, and for long have been held in the hands of mystics around the world. They are also beautiful pieces adding luminescence and ambience to all rooms they are placed. We stock all sizes of spheres and a variety of mineral and crystal form. We can also source the size and quality of sphere you want - from the ethereal rainbow ice quality of Brazil, to the inky purple depths of Uruguayan amethyst.
  • Amethyst


    Amethyst is one of the world's best known cystals. Deep violet, purple to lilac, it has been used for Jewellery, display and adornment in high office. We source from the world's best Uruguayan, Brazilian, Madagascan and around the world.
  • Apophyllite


    Stunning ice clear and sea green-tinged specimens from Poona India. Beautiful rainbow colours in many pieces and pink stilbite inclusions. Perfect cubic and pyramid crystals.
  • Unusual Quartz

    Unusual Quartz

    This category includes unusual and rare quartz formations that include Herkimer Diamonds, rutile included quartz, and well known other types like super-7, phantom quartz, nirvana quartz.