Carcharadon Megalodon

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Carcharadon Megalodon

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Carcharadon Megalodon


Known as Carcharoces megalodon AND Carcharadon Megalodon, these giant teeth are very collectable for their formidable size and weight. This is a fantastic tooth. The serration is incredible and sharp. The shape is near perfect with only slight tip damage. There is longitudinal cracks running down the tooth which is common for large teeth and there is no enamel peel. The root structure is perfect. The  No restoration anywhere on this specimen.

NOTE: Large Megalodon teeth are often repaired especially in the root where cracks are often found. Some are also glued together from 2 pieces.

Dimensions: Tooth is 5 inches diagonal

Age: Miocene 16-26 Million years

Genus: Carcharadon megalodon

Location: Beaufort, Carolina, USA