Ammonite Placenticeras Meeki

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Ammonite Placenticeras Meeki

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Ammonite Placenticeras Meeki


This is not only the largest ammonite the Gallery has had in its possession, it is also one of the rarest and most spectacular. The brilliant and deep colours on both sides of this specimen radiate out in all angles and the colour shifts from deep red to orange, green, gold. Simply breathtaking. 

This ammonite also has witnessed the weight of the changing sands of time in its shape which has been compacted over 71 000 000 years. Yet, nature has preserved this specimen and painted it in all colours of the rainbow.  

This is also a large specimen, measuring a staggering 56cm at its widest point.

Canadian ammonites with their famous "ammolite" nacre are amongst the most desirable and most collectable ammonites in the world. They are valued for their colour - type, brilliance and colour shift.  

This is a certified ammonite and comes with fact and certification sheet.

Dimensions: 56cm widest point.

Genus: Placenticeras Meeki

Age: Late Cretaceous

Matrix: Bear paw shale

Location: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada