Ammonite Placenticeras Meeki

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Ammonite Placenticeras Meeki

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Ammonite Placenticeras Meeki


Canadian ammonites with their famous "ammolite" nacre are amongst the most desirable and most collectable ammonites in the world. They are valued for their colour - type, brilliance and colour shift. Of course size also matters. This is one of the largest specimens I've ever seen. Ammonites of this size are rare - and for the Placenticeras, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This is an awesome specimen. Deep crimson and emerald green completely cover once face. Big dragon skin pattern ammolite appears in the lower sections, while broad deep swathes of colour flash at all angles. There is an ancient gnarly look to the ammonite - with some 3 dimensional suture patterning evident near the keel sections. The reverse side is a deep red with some greens. Superb piece.

Dimensions: 50cm diameter, 42 cm height, 18cm width

Genus: Placenticeras Meeki

Age: Late Cretaceous

Matrix: Bear paw shale

Location: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada