Massive Ammonite cluster

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Massive Ammonite cluster

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Massive Ammonite cluster


This exceptionally large natural ammonite cluster is in its untouched state and features multiple ammonites of differing sizes and is up to 14 cm wide throughout the matrix. At 56kgs it is also a massive specimen.

Large Cleoniceras ammonites are visible throughout and showcase suture patterns or flash beautiful red fire.

Ammonites of many species, belemnites, bi-valves and gastropods of many species are visible throughout this museum sized specimen. This piece will interest palaeontologists from around the world as it is a rare find.

Species: Mixed species  

Dimensions: 70cm (W) x 65cm (H)

Weight: 56Kg 

Age: Late Cretaceous 105 million years ago

Location: Mahajanga, Madagascar