Ammonite Anapuzosia

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Ammonite Anapuzosia

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Ammonite Anapuzosia


A rarer form of ammonite is the Madagascan Anapuzosia genus. This delightful specimen is absolutely striking and rare with flashes of purple colouring making it a stand out piece. Size is 7.5cm in diameter. This ammonite is characterised by its segmentation, being divided into 5 segments. Apart from the superb colouring, nacre and ribbing, the evolute coil has been professionally exposed and is also of first class condition.

Dimensions: 7.5cm at its widest point

Genus: Anapuzosia

Age: Early Cretaceous.

Matrix: Limestone & Calcite crystal, iridescent points in nacre

Location: Mahajunga, Madagascar